The landscapes of the Brocéliande area, in Brittany, are very diverse: forest, moors, lakes, valleys. Many sites are connected with King Arthur, Viviane and Merlin. Whether or not you believe in the legends, the scenery is bound to enchant you. Here are a few photos from Brocéliande.


Photos from Rennes, Brittany

Rennes is the capital of Brittany and can be proud of its beautiful city center (cobbled medieval streets, the Parliament (left), the Thabor Gardens). It is a pleasant and lively city. See here some more photos from Rennes.


Photos from Brittany

The Pink Granit coast is known for its The unusually pink sands and rock formations. It is located near Perros-Guirec, Trégastel and Ploumanac'h in a part of Brittany known as Trégor. Isolated creeks, colourful flora and sea birds make up spectacular seaside pictures!

The Cap Sizun is the western-most tip of the Brittany region known as Cornouaille. This is a land of cliffs, hidden creeks, sandy beaches, picturesque harbours and the famous Pointe du Raz (see photos of the Cap Sizun).
In the center of Brittany is a region of mysterious forests, stone chaos, crystal clear streams, picturesque villages, wild barren moors, rocky outcrops... a perfect setting for celtic legends. Welcome to the Monts d'Arrée in pictures !


Pornic is a pretty town in the Pays de Retz, easily accessible from Nantes by bike along quiet country roads. From Pornic, you can take the footpath along the coast towards Préfailles, passing many pretty beaches and coves. Enjoy the yellow gorse, blue sea and golden sands in these lastest photos from the Pays de Retz.


The page of photos from other regions of France has been updated with a few photos from Albi, a city in the south of France, with a very rich history and architecture. Albi's cathedral is a huge brick fortress that overlooks the Tarn river. Albi also has many old streets with picturesque houses.

Waterways and canals of Brittany

Brittany has many canals and waterways which offer miles and miles of peaceful towpaths, perfect for walking or cycling away from the traffic. Along the way, you can discover special sites like Castennec along the Blavet, chapels and villages, flowery locks and medieval castles like those of Blain, Josselin and Pontivy. This network of waterways includes artificial canals, natural rivers, estuaries and stretches from Nantes to Brest, from St-Malo to Arzal and from Lorient to Pontivy. This page of photos from canals and waterways of Brittany is dedicated to this subject.


Photos from the Isle of Groix in Brittany

The Isle of Groix is located a few miles off the coast of Brittany just south of Lorient. The main harbour is called Port Tudy, and has many hotels and restaurants. Walking along the coastal footpath, you will come to some pristine coves with crystal clear waters (see for example this panorama of the Poulziorec Beach). Groix also offers standing stones, pretty harbours and great nature. See here more photos from Groix