Slideshow with music : photos from Catalonia

A short video to introduce the diversity of Catalonia from the city of Barcelona to the remote and beautiful landscapes of the Val d'Aran or Collsacabra. More photos from Catalonia await you here as well... and if you enjoy view photos this way, please check this page of travel photography videos for more slideshows.


slideshow with music : photos from Brittany

A selection of photos from Brittany to enjoy with some beautiful music : images from Quiberon, Rennes, la côte de granit rose, La Vraie Croix and many more places. See these pages for more photos of Brittany.


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Les Corbières

This region in the south of France (just north-west of Perpignan) is very rich in history thanks to its many old villages and Cathare castles. The "garrigue" scenery alternates with vineyards and lovely river that offer a welcome respite from the summer heat. Enjoy the photos from the Corbières.


Val d'Aran

The Val d'Aran is a region of the Pyrénées on the Spanish side, with beautiful scenery (lakes, meadows, flowers, mountains), pretty villages like Salardu and Unha, impressive views on the Maladetta peaks and great hikes, like the lakes of Colomers, near Bahns de Tredos. See here the photos from the Val d'Aran


New feature : e-cards

We now offer the possibility to send free e-cards. All the cards are based on travel photos, and organised by categories : skies, flowers, animals, seasons.... So go ahead, surprise your friends, make them travel through photography and enjoy the free photo e-cards.


Collsacabra is a part of Catalonia between Montseny and the Pyrénées. This very scenic region offers a landscape of tall cliffs, waterfalls and picturesque stone villages. The Salt de Sallent (left) is a 100 m high waterfall not far from Rupit, which is a very pretty village. Nearby are also hermitages and romanesque churches as you will see on this page of photos from Collsacabra.


Montserrat, Catalonia (Spain)

Montserrat is a small mountain area an hour drive from Barcelona. The name "Montserrat" means "jagged (serrated ) mountain" in Catalan. Many pretty chapels are scattered in the mountains, and the footpaths offer great views on the surrounding countryside.

Please check out the following page of photos from Montserrat to have a better idea about this destination.


photos from snow covered Savoie

The Savoie region of France is located in the Alps, just south of Léman lake. In winter, the higher ground is covered in a thick layer of snow making even more beautiful the typical landscape of forest, lakes and mountains dotted with lovely wooden chalets. Skiing and hiking are both very popular, and every photographer will be delighted. Watch your fingers in those winter temperatures though !.... Enjoy this page of photos from Savoie and the Alpes-Provence region.


odd photos

We all come across some occasions to take unusual photos, with odd or funny subjects. This compilation of odd photos is a new page on the website and groups many such images gathered since I started the website. Enjoy the show !