Photos from the Isle of Groix in Brittany

The Isle of Groix is located a few miles off the coast of Brittany just south of Lorient. The main harbour is called Port Tudy, and has many hotels and restaurants. Walking along the coastal footpath, you will come to some pristine coves with crystal clear waters (see for example this panorama of the Poulziorec Beach). Groix also offers standing stones, pretty harbours and great nature. See here more photos from Groix


Photos of castles and manors of Brittany

Brittany has a very rich history, dating back to when it was independant from France and the Dukes of Brittany were building many defense positions (Nantes, Clisson, Fougères, ...). Some are very imposing, well restored, while others are imposing ruins. There are also many later castles that were residences (Tredion, Josselin), and countless manors (Plessis-Josso, Saudraie) built by local landlords and scattered across the Brittany countryside.

Follow this link to see some photos of castles and manors of Brittany.


La Brière

La Brière (in Breton: Ar Briwer) is a marsh area north of the Loire estuary. It is rich in flora and fauna, and the traditional boat called chalands is still being used by the locals. The region is popular amongst visitors looking for nature and tranquility as this page of photos from Brière will show.


Photos from Brittany : the North-West (Léon)

The region in the North-West of Brittany is called "Léon". Its main town, Brest, was destroyed during the war, badly rebuilt and is not exactly a pretty city. However the surroundings coastline is wonderful and the countryside is dotted with pretty chapels, picturesque villages and harbours, and tall proud standing stones (menhirs). See on this page some photos from Léon, Brittany


Ria d'Etel

The river of Etel forms an inland bay called "ria" before it reaches the sea. It's called in French "Ria d'Etel" or in Breton "Stêr an Intel". There are a number of islands, some barely big enough to accomodate a house, and the jagged coastline creates many peninsulas and small coves. The area produces some very tasty oysters.
Villages around the 'ria' can be proud of their very rich historical heritage : dolmens and standing stones (menhirs), pretty chapels, holy springs (fontaines), picturesque harbours and much more.

See more photos of the Ria d'Etel.