The page of photos from other regions of France has been updated with a few photos from Albi, a city in the south of France, with a very rich history and architecture. Albi's cathedral is a huge brick fortress that overlooks the Tarn river. Albi also has many old streets with picturesque houses.

Waterways and canals of Brittany

Brittany has many canals and waterways which offer miles and miles of peaceful towpaths, perfect for walking or cycling away from the traffic. Along the way, you can discover special sites like Castennec along the Blavet, chapels and villages, flowery locks and medieval castles like those of Blain, Josselin and Pontivy. This network of waterways includes artificial canals, natural rivers, estuaries and stretches from Nantes to Brest, from St-Malo to Arzal and from Lorient to Pontivy. This page of photos from canals and waterways of Brittany is dedicated to this subject.