Travel : La Mercé festival in Barcelona

La Mercé is the largest festival in Barcelona. It is held every September and features many events. Amongst those is something really special, a catalan tradition : the Castellers (human towers). The Castellers perform at various occasions, including at this festival on Plaza Jaume. Several districts of Barcelona perform in turn. This photo of Castellers at La Mercé shows the last person to climb, always a child, called "enxaneta" ("the last one") raising his hand before making his way down.

During the festival, fireworks are also held on Plaza España like the one below.

There are also many stands, exhibitions and activities on the streets, music on the squares and many many more events, it would be impossible to see it all.

Travel : Uzbekistan

Not everyone has ever heard about this Central Asian countries, but for those who have, the name is connected with the ancient cities of the Silk Road such as Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara.
Uzbekistan is a very welcoming and hospitable country. Cities display some amazing architecture of blue-tiled mosques with exquisite geometric patterns. You will find both desert areas in the West, and the green and fertile Fergana valley in the East.

Please proceed to this page of photos from Uzbekistan which displays a selection of my best shots.

Theme : close-up (macro) photography

It´s not always necessary to go very far to find inspiration and photographic subjects if you have a try at macro photography. Nowadays digatal cameras have some excellent macro functions that allows you to take some amazing shots. This photo was taken at home, it is romanesco cauliflower. The kind of fractal structure is quite amazing at close range. Other great close-up ideas are photos of insects, water drops, flowers and many more. It's all down to your inspiration and your imagination.